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We have been long-term supporters of the brilliant North West Air Ambulance (NWAA), so when the call came in to support them on a dynamic new awareness raising campaign – we jumped at the chance to partner with them.

Their marketing mission? To build upon their 24-year history to connect with new, younger audiences aged 18-35 through an interactive, fresh, and multi-channel marketing campaign. What an opportunity!

Up, up and away. 

North West Air Ambulance has been a lifeline for the region since 1999. Operating solely on generous donor support, the charity provides critical pre-hospital care every day of the year. They are the unsung heroes of the skies. The key objective of this new campaign was to demonstrate the charity's importance and relevance to the lives of 18–35-year-olds. Alongside the hero message, campaign content needed to dispel long-held misconceptions about the charity's funding – explaining their independence from the NHS and communicating the role we can all play in future fundraising.

nwaa summer campaign 1

The right messages, the right platforms, the right time. 

A strong campaign communicates messages that matter for people and goes where they are. And that’s exactly what our ‘We're There’ campaign did.

The campaign was designed to show that no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, the NWAA is there when you need them. ‘We’re There’ actively involved the target audience in the campaign’s custom photography - taking part in everyday activities others can relate to: going to the match, running, cycling – all in recognisable regional backdrops.

To enhance our visual approach, a moving helicopter shadow was used within photography and video content, using a virtual 3D model of the NWAA’s iconic helicopter. We positioned a light source behind it to mimic the sun casting a shadow on the floor. After tweaking the render settings just right, we made sure the shadow was transparent, allowing us to overlay it on top of the video footage. It added a dynamic touch that really brought the campaign to life. 

image from above

Keep it social.

And more importantly it targeted the aged 18-35, North West based demographic on the platforms that would resonate with them most - Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Spotify. We used a variety of paid-for and organic campaign tactics to get our various content across to our demographic on channels that matter to them. Video content, static imagery, working micro influencers – our campaign was hyper-focussed on landing well with the people that mattered – and it certainly did that.   

Our goals were crystal clear: more visits to NWAA's website through our bespoke campaign landing page and to reach an incredible 10 million impressions with our target audience of regional 18–35-year-olds. We didn't just hit those targets – we smashed them - boosting NWAA's brand recognition, awareness and sparking more donor engagement from our target audiences.

landing page preview
View the NWAA Website.

The campaign success of ‘We’re here’ has led to us leading the charge for the charity’s 25th anniversary celebrations this year. We couldn’t be prouder!

Lend your fundraising support (like George and Adam in our team have) to NWAA’s efforts here.

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