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The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is the UK’s largest haulage and logistics membership and lobbying body.

We’re proud to be the RHA’s marketing partner, having re-developed its five-year marketing strategy, which included developing its new brand architecture, messaging system, marketing proposition and communications plan.

Accelerating a legacy brand.

Having worked alongside members, partners and team members to develop the RHA’s five-year marketing strategy, we went on to co-create the organisation’s refreshed brand identity and accompanying habitat including animations, marketing packs, conference videos, and their long-established members’ magazine, Roadway. Taking inspiration from the sector, the automotive industry and members alike, we’ve created a look and feel that reflects their future-facing, ambitious approach to growing their marketing position.

A membership organisation to be proud of.

The UK’s logistics industry is a key driver of economic growth – not to mention a major supply chain partner, driver of innovation and sustainability, and of course, employer. Over the last four years, we’ve devised, created and managed a range of stand-out, impactful and multi-channel UK-wide campaigns – all designed to drive pride, brand awareness, understanding and ultimately, commercial success.

rha branding 1

From a post pandemic RHA Heroes campaign to National Lorry Week, and Forum for the Future (an industry leading UK conference), we’ve repositioned the RHA firmly in members’ minds and commercially, whilst further cementing their brand position with partners, MPs and Government policy makers, and of course, the Great British public.

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