Whose Skill is it Anyway?

Be honest, I won’t judge you, but tell me is your CV 100% true?

Did you really get the A-C GCSE grades you boast? Are you really a great team player who can also work well alone, unaided?  Do you honestly go to the gym 3-4 times per week, read avidly and enjoy socialising with friends?

You answered yes? You and the other 12 million people with exactly the same CV then.

Ok, some of your CV may be fabricated (I will let you decide how much) but when it comes to skills and talents, for every line you do add how much do you actually leave out?

So this morning when we got to chatting about our secret skills, it got me thinking about the things that we can do, yet never share. With that in mind, I thought I’d play a little game as part of my blog. So without further a-do, introducing…Whose Skill is it Anyway?

The task: match the Agent team member to the secret skill* Good luck!

The prize: a warm glow of achievement!

The Secret Skills

  1. This Agent can do a very good John Bishop impression.
  1. This Agent can quote every one of Sean Connery’s lines from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in order and with the ‘voice’.
  1. This Agent is a master yo-yo handler. Go-go!
  1. This Agent is skilled in the art of Japanese ink printing.
  1. This Agent can dislocate their left arm out of its socket, after making life-changing chocolate biscuits.
  1. This Agent can ride and jump a horse bareback. Sustainable transport at its best.
  1. This Agent is a talented long distance runner – even competing for their county.
  1. This Agent can lick their nose with their tongue (preferably not in the office).
  1. This Agent is simply the best at Tina Turner dancing impressions.
  1. This Agent knows how to handle a rifle – make sure you don’t turn up late to their meetings.
  1. This Agent can hold their breath for 2 minutes. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
  1. This Agent has won many medals and competitions for their swimming skills.
  1. This Agent can go over 24 hours without needing the toilet.

The Agents

  1. Rick
  1. Leo the poodle
  1. Ben
  1. Paul
  1. Sarah
  1. Ed
  1. James
  1. Zoe
  1. Jeanette
  1. Darren
  1. Liam
  1. Jacob
  1. Callum

Email your answers to paul@agentmarketing.co.uk – remember there is a warm glow of achievement up for grabs!

*they certainly didn’t have these on their CV’s

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