Teaching children that conflict is inevitable but violent conflict is not.

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Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is an independent charity that works towards peace, both nationally and internationally. They aim to prevent serious violent conflicts such as terrorism, political violence or war. 

Working primarily with young people, Peace Foundation deliver successful programmes to build peace and develop conflict resolution skills. They also spend time engaging with communities across Britain, such as developing women’s skills in influencing their families and communities, or supporting those most at risk from violence and extremism. Other work includes helping British and British-based citizens who are victims or survivors of terrorism in this country or overseas.

The steps towards our mission…

Small Steps for Peace was an important programme being launched with KS2 pupils. Peace Foundation would begin the course then handover to teachers to continue the 6-week programme. Together they had an important mission – to help young learners understand the causes and impact of conflict, build listening skills and emotional intelligence, and work collaboratively towards problem solving. It was crucial for children to feel engaged throughout but also recognised and rewarded for their achievements. The programme could also make a significant contribution to a school’s national curriculum learning outcomes for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) education.

Working closely with their team, we turned their amazing work into an engaging toolkit that simplified the delivery of the programme for teachers. A clear pathway meant schools were keen to continue the exercises – whilst children were engaged and empowered. Our work amplified the power of the programme.

The impact so far has been outstanding. Over 30 schools in the North of England and more than 900 school children have started on their journey of learning to handle conflict, which will surely develop well into their future lives. Graduation ceremonies are ongoing and Small Steps has even been mentioned in OFSTED reports as a strong contribution towards SMSC goals.

What are the next steps for Small Steps? Think smaller… yes, Tiny Steps. We are currently collaborating with Peace Foundation to develop a KS1 version of the programme. Watch this space…

To find out more about Peace Foundation you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their website.

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