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We were challenged by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority to co-create a behaviour change campaign, that would understand how people think about waste and develop steps and stages to encourage and enable our target audiences across the city region to recycle, reuse and reduce.

Through engagement with internal and external stakeholders as well as various research methods we were able to identify that the majority of people in Liverpool City Region understood recycling and in fact wanted to recycle. The disconnect however was in knowing what could and couldn’t be recycled. From here RecycleRight was formed.

The RecycleRight project needed a brand that could tie multiple campaigns together under the larger goal. The first campaign, “To Bin or Not To Bin”, aims to inform people of the items that should and shouldn’t be recycled. A play on the infamous Shakespeare quote “To Be or Not To Be…” the campaigns main objective is to get people to question what they are putting in the recycling bin.

160+ unique icons

What good is a question without a place to find the answer?  The next step was to develop a website to answer those questions. We built a database of over 300 items, categorised them and designed a visual system to identify whether an item should or shouldn’t be recycled. The minimal design and clear visual cues make it quick and easy to find your answer removing the barriers to recycling right.

A traffic light system for your household waste

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