Haus of Agent: Behind the scenes of our 2023 Pride Month shoot

Haus of Agent: Behind the scenes of our 2023 Pride Month shoot

Here at Agent, Pride Month holds an extra special place in our hearts! As a group of people, we truly believe we are better when we embrace and celebrate our diverse voices, stories, and experiences.

Following the success of our (award nominated) Pride campaign last year, where we created beautiful technicolour portraits of each team member, we knew that we wanted this year’s campaign to be bigger, bolder, and even more colourful than before!

For two days we turned a large meeting space in our Liverpool studio into a vibrant 90’s disco, complete with confetti cannons, glitter balls, party poppers, balloons, and silly string. Less is more!? Pfffft.

Here is what our photographer and videographer, Joe, who also took on the role of creative director for the day, had to say about the process:

“For our Pride shoot this year we used coloured gels (and lots of lights) to create a mini disco set in the office, creating a happy pink hue to the lighting. By shooting at 50fps, we were able to slow down the motion of the confetti canons, balloons, and glitter, but it was in the edit that the shoot came together! Adding subtle blur to the footage and oversaturating it gave the film a dreamy, 90’s feel, coupled with the quick cuts and bold text, I think the shoot really screams Pride, joy, and celebration — and is the perfect showcase of our Agent culture.”

Our social media consultant, Daniel, who helped plan and organise the shoot, had this to say:

“What I love most about these sorts of internal projects is how happy the whole team is to join in! What you can’t see in the final edit of the video are the other members of the team helpfully firing confetti canons, throwing balloons, tossing glitter, and spraying silly string – all with big grins on their faces! Yes, it’s fun. And yes, it gets people away from their desks for a little bit. But it also shows that we, as an agency, as a collective, are unanimously supportive of our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, and of Pride Month as a whole.”

To watch the videos, head over to our social media channels and stay tuned as we release them throughout the month.