Patrick Cauty, 3D Motion Designer

Bringing animation to life: Expert insights from Patrick Cauty, 3D Motion Designer

As part of our ‘expert’ blog series, we had the pleasure of catching up with  the talented Patrick Cauty. A master of 3D motion design, Patrick brings a unique perspective to Agent’s creative team. From animating logos to crafting engaging explainer videos and social media content, Patrick's creativity shines through in every project. We asked him about his inspiration,  proudest projects, and  insights on the latest trends in animation. 

What do you specialise in?  

A lot of Agent’s work involves motion design for branding and digital marketing. This includes animating logos, explainer videos, Instagram posts, amongst other bits and pieces. Since we’re always working with a wide range of clients, we try to keep our approach varied, from full 3D animations to simple text-based videos or combining 2D and 3D elements.  


What inspires your work and influences your creative process? 

I spend a lot of time looking at industry projects online, and when it comes to agency work it can be difficult to balance wanting to experiment with doing what you’ve seen before. Good motion should be as invisible as possible, elevating the design work without taking the spotlight from the message being communicated. It can be surprisingly difficult. Outside of traditional marketing, I enjoy Julian Glander’s work a lot. I find his embrace of transparency, humour, and technical imperfection very inspiring. Julian’s work shows his process quite clearly, which gives it an accessibility that I think is very powerful. 


What work are you  particularly proud of and why? 

Our Merseyrail campaign last autumn felt good to work on, as did our video for the new Publiship brand launch. The opportunity to do 3D work is always exciting, so building interior train scenes and little characters for Merseyrail felt very gratifying, as well as seeing the final artwork out and about. Publiship had a great brand refresh, and it was fun to explore ways of elevating the design work with motion.  


Are there any current trends or developments that you find particularly exciting or noteworthy?   

Gradients are everywhere, and nobody seems to be shy about picking lots of bright, contrasting colours. Pre-2000s inspirations are very much in. I see a lot of variety around, combinations of styles and mediums, experimentation, and a sense of anything goes. 3D is very much here to stay.