After spending his university days studying journalism over in Media City, Sean found that despite much freelance work, the news industry was just not for him. He wanted something more exciting, with more opportunities that was evolving and ever-changing, away from a dusty old newsroom.

In October 2015 Sean took part in Agent Marketing’s social enterprise, Agent Academy. It opened his eyes to just how the business world really works, allowing him to take control of his own career with a new found enthusiasm and belief.

Sean then went on to spend several months interning at the helm of Strategy and Communications for a successful Health and Wellbeing company, before the perfect opportunity came up: a shot at becoming a Strategic Marketing Executive here at Agent Marketing. He went for it, and now here he is.

Sean is a self-confessed geek of modern culture, obsessed with music, films & ‘trainees’. You can usually find him in the crowd at gigs and festivals, (though completely useless with a guitar himself) or stood in The Kop watching The Reds.


: +44 (0)151 707 0427

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  • Influencing decision making & behavioural economics

    The topic that I chose to kickstart Agent’s new Briefings at Breakfast (BABs) initiative was an introduction into behavioural economics – looking back on its inception, rise in prominence and how it’s being used within marketing and messaging all around us, both commercially and politically to influence decision-making.

  • An introduction to BABs

    With a large team, collaboration and co-creation are key to everything that we do. Staying connected with each other and being aware of the work others are doing is vitally important, as work inspired by the ideas of 25 minds, is often stronger than that which is done by one individual.

  • Pulp All Fiction?

    Like most people of my generation, I find it difficult to completely turn my full attention to one thing for a sustained period of time.