Ryan has always had a love for expressing his creativity, ever since his childhood days of drawing. He later decided to switch his pencil for the graphic tablet.

From studying 3D design at college, he made his way into Architecture school at The University of Manchester. After graduating, Ryan used his strong design foundations to break into the exciting world of Graphic Design. Following a number of internships in the North West and a year working at a large publisher in London, Ryan had developed his style and gained enough experience to enable him to come home and apply for his role at Agent earlier this year.

Ryan uses a calm and collected approach to his work, always showing keenness to go above and beyond without ignoring detail.

Elsewhere, Ryan is a fan of self-improvement and working towards a happy lifestyle. You’ll often find him enjoying his yoga and meditation practices. Besides design, Ryan has a strong passion for music, which plays a huge part in his life – you may even spot him digging for his vinyl fix or at a local gig.


: +44 (0)151 707 0427
: ryan@agentmarketing.co.uk

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