After realising that she isn’t the best at singing and therefore wasn’t going to be the next Kylie, Jeanette turned her attention to communications. Joining Agent in November 2012, Jeanette manages and oversees all projects within the communications department. Specialising in public relations, social media and event management, Jeanette is responsible for creating, managing and executing campaigns that really pack a punch.

When not at Agent HQ, Jeanette is a frequent visitor to Ireland (her aim is to be Ryanair’s favourite customer). She’s also a sun worshipper so you’re likely to find her a spot in the sunshine, happy as can be (she’d love for Agent to open an HQ in The Bahamas).


: +44 (0)151 707 0427

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  • It Takes Two

    With over to 100 million monthly users and more than 15 billion Shazams, I’m clearly not alone in my love for the music app.

  • The tide is turning…Is all PR good PR?

    It arrived with a grand, star-studded fanfare; celebrities, including Mr Tidal himself, Jay Z, Madonna, Beyoncé and Kayne West (he gets everywhere doesn’t he!?) lining up on a stage in New York to hail the arrival of Tidal* It was like a gathering of music’s Avengers.

  • Put your money where your mouth is!

    We love our food here at Agent. So imagine our delight when our good friends at Can Cook invited us to run their ‘Share Your Lunch’ truck for a day!

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