Ben Demba


Ben joined Agent after standing out as part of the Agent Academy team on a project for the Fire Fit Hub in Toxteth. Ben is a self-taught creative and brand enthusiast. Ever curious, his previous jobs – everything from charity work to museums, pulling pints to driving LLOP trucks – didn’t satisfy him and it was his time with the Academy that opened his eyes to the possibilities in the creative industry. Now working as a marketing assistant in Agent’s strategy team, Ben is learning to turn his creative flair and inquisitive nature into strategic insight and planning.

Outside of work, Ben is a connoisseur of culture; you are as likely to find him checking out the best bars and music events in town as on his laptop creating his own weird and wonderful designs. With a natural hunger for adventure and excitement, you can find Ben trying his hand in sports like MMA and rock climbing. One word of advice: never play scrabble with Ben, his strategical mind-set and passion for the art make him a formidable opponent for any board game lover.


: +44 (0)151 707 0427

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