Before joining Zoe as part of the Agent Academy team, Ben worked as a telephony banker which wasn’t exactly his dream job. He knew that he had the potential to do more and wanted a creative job with a moral purpose. Having dropped out of his dance degree because in his words “it wasn’t dancy enough”, Ben knew he needed something to set him apart from other young industry hopefuls.

Ben stumbled across Agent Academy and instantly knew it was something he had to be a part of. After graduating from the 5th Agent Academy programme in 2017, Ben was invited to join Agent Academy as the marketing executive and has never looked back.

Being an Agent Academy graduate himself, Ben is passionate about helping young people kick-start their careers. His favourite thing about working for Agent Academy is definitely the people, whether it’s a new Agent Academy cohort or client, Ben loves meeting new people and having a good old chinwag.

Referred to by the Agents as Baby Ben (being the youngest of the 2 Bens), you’ll usually find him on the dance floor busting a move or swinging another Agent round by their arms.


: +44 (0)151 707 0427

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