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Walking home last night, more or less equidistant from getting off the train to putting my key in the front door, I felt something. A sensation, which, for the past month or so, has brought me a consistently pleasing and welcome sense of achievement. A buzzing excitement, heightened only by the illumination of a dark and blustery evening, has become something of a daily pursuit of happiness.

This sounds a bit over the top, and frankly it is. But since I got my Fitbt for Christmas I have to admit, I’ve definitely paid greater attention to what I’m eating, how much water I’m getting on board and how active I am. The sheer amount of data I’m getting about how many calories I’m burning (and as a result how many I can consume – effort and reward at it’s very best here guys), what my heart rate is doing at any given time of the day, how well I’m sleeping… it’s allowing to paint a picture of what my overall wellbeing.

Initially, this is all exciting. But what comes to mind is my sometimes used ‘rule of common sense’. Allow me to explain. You’re looking at a body of evidence telling you that this animal that looks like a horse is in fact a camel. Regardless of what the ‘irrefutable’ evidence may ‘suggest’, a three year old can, using the rule of common sense, distinguish between a horse and a camel. These instances, I admit, are few and far between in my world. I rely on a body of evidence to help shape any strategic direction or recommendation. But sometimes, you don’t need something to back up what you know to be right.

And herein lies the issues with my Fitbit. If I have a bad night’s sleep, treat with ambien, I don’t need a wearable device to tell me I’ve had a bad night’s sleep. In the same way, when I’ve gorged on a load of sweet treats, I don’t need my Fitbit to tell me I’ve consumed too many calories.

It’s the classic adage of data overload. I have so many recorded variables about my health now, I’m still unsure about how to use them all. Only by applying some strategic thinking, peppered with a little common sense, can I use this to bring about information that makes sense. Pretty much what me and the strategy team do for clients every day, but with an added benefit that the post-Fitbit version of me is better and fitter than before I began this process.

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