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People often say that having to go first is never easy; but someone has to do it. I was more than happy to be the first person in our group to write a blog about my experience at Agent Academy. Throughout my final year at Edge Hill University, juggling coursework, job applications and interviews, one question has had a permanent residence in the back of my mind, what am I going to do next?

As a Film and Media student, I have broadened and developed my knowledge of these particular subjects. I enjoyed watching films and studying the theory behind them. As a confident user of several social media platforms, I also enjoyed studying key aspects of the media industry and found the combination of these two subjects very interesting. However, I was not entirely sure of the career path that I would take after the conclusion of my course. I learned a lot about the industry from my course and have earned many transferable skills. After completing a module that was based on marketing and communications, I grew an interest in this area of study. I searched for many jobs and graduate positions that were either solely marketing or akin to this. After researching roles, I did not believe that I possessed the experience to step straight into the positions that were available. Enter Agent…

After finding out I was a successful application for the Academy’s programme, I was extremely happy and keen to get started. I was fully aware that there would be other people on the programme who would bear an expansive knowledge of marketing, greater than my own. This intimidated me slightly, as I did not want to be behind everyone. However, I was also aware that there would be others in the same position as me who were keen to observe and learn. This was something that engaged me with the programme. I have not a lot of hands on experience that is applicable to any marketing roles. I was therefore very intrigued by the action based learning that the programme has. I think that this will be extremely beneficial addition to the skills that I have already adhered from my degree. I am also certain that I will be able to nurture and develop these skills and start to see my ideal career path unfold.

Walking into the office on day one, I was instantly put at ease by the friendliness and the sense of community that the space boasts. I enjoyed meeting the Agent Marketing team and learning about the foundations of their career and how they got where they were today. These talks were very influential and have encouraged me to make sure that I make the most of this opportunity that I have been fortunate enough to experience.

With the skills and experience that I acquire through this programme, I hope to eventually succeed in a role that I know I am fully capable of handling, and encourage others around me to do the same.

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