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The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Charity has paid a very special tribute to our digital consultant, Kurtis, for his incredibly hard work in creating the The Big LEGO Brick Hospital website.

Whilst the charity tirelessly works to reach its goal of raising £500,000 to build a brand-new hospital in Liverpool City Centre, the LEGO version of that hospital will have its very own Kurtis manning the server and squashing any bugs that may arise.

Yes, that’s right. The charity has very kindly created a LEGO version of Kurtis, which recognises his dedication to the project, as well as Agent’s commitment to creating this website for the charity, completely free of charge.

This is quite significant, as the charity can only place 200 LEGO characters in the entire hospital, which means Kurtis joins a very special group of people who have helped bring this fundraising drive to life.

The charity was taking part in a week-long campaign to recognise the amazing things that people have done to support the charity. Their first was, of course, our very own Kurtis.

In a social media post, the charity said:

“When the company first agreed to create a dedicated website, free of charge, we were over the moon. What we didn’t realise was why Kurtis is so passionate about Clatterbridge and the project, until we discovered he had a very special reason, having watched his little brother fight through cancer at the age of three.

“So to say thank you Kurtis and Agent…for a gift worth thousands to the charity, we’ve created a very special LEGO mini figure, so you’re a permanent part of The Big LEGO Brick Hospital.”


Transforming Kurtis into a LEGO version of himself is easier said than done, and the charity got in touch with us prior to the announcement, asking us to help them select the right hair and outfit to create the perfect likeness.


Once the shock had subsided, we sat down with Kurtis to hear his thoughts:

“I was blown away when I opened up Facebook and saw the LEGO version of myself looking back at me. This was such a lovely thing for the charity to do, as the team is incredibly busy, working hard to meet their goal of £500,000.

“It feels great to work somewhere that allows me give back to the community and do some good. I’m hoping that, with this website, I’ll be able to look at the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and proudly say that I had a part to play in bringing it to life.”

As the charity mentioned, this was a project that is very close to Kurtis’ heart. You can learn a little bit more about why Kurtis jumped at the chance to create this website, as well as his approach to the project, here: https://www.agentmarketing.co.uk/a-big-lego-brick-hospital.

The Big LEGO Brick Hospital is being built by Bright Bricks, the UK’s only LEGO-certified building company. For every £1 that is donated, another brick will be added to the hospital. Eventually, they will have an entire hospital made out of LEGO bricks, which means that work on the real hospital can begin. You can donate a brick for as little as £1, which we would encourage everyone to do, here: https://biglegobrickhospital.org.uk.

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