2016 International Women’s Day campaign theme is #PledgeforParity – taking action for gender equality.

At Agent we wanted to stimulate a positive conversation around women, success and the future by hosting an event, bringing together young women from our schools and universities with leading women from many industries across Liverpool city region.

There was no plan for how the conversation would play out, this was about successful women sharing something from their experience, a gift to the future. We enjoyed a vibrant, warm and dynamic atmosphere punctuated by inspirational short speeches and unbelievably beautiful music from Deana of Rare Studios.

The words spoken were honest, clear and bold. The young women were inspired, motivated and empowered by what they heard.

It was a significant and special event and I wanted to capture its essence, so with special thanks to all the women who contributed I have compiled a list.

16 for 2016; wisdom to your younger self.

1.Find out who you are and then be yourself.
2.The qualities some may see as your weakness as a woman are actually what makes you very, very strong.
3.If you want to do something or follow a dream, just do it, no questions asked.
4.Be kind to other women, offer a hand.
5.Be afraid but do it anyway, overcoming fear will become your greatest strength.
6.If you don’t feel good enough you need to fake it until you make it, you will make it.
7.Create your own story and then share it with others.
8.Don’t tell yourself it can’t be done, there are enough critics out there, silence the negative voices.
9.Determination is everything.
10.Surround yourself with good people, people that you can trust.
11.Have your core intention and remind yourself of it often, it will keep you on track.
12.Your path might change and that’s perfectly fine.
13.Continue to fill your life with things that create value and bring you happiness.
14.You may become a mother, you may have to balance many aspects of life, don’t let anyone make you feel that you’re not doing the best job.
15.Take the opportunities that come along, even in the most turbulent circumstances great things can be achieved.
16.Make hay while the sun shines. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, tomorrow it might be raining or too late.


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