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I confess, I am addicted to Instagram. This week I have come across some interesting articles on my favourite social media network, Instagram. From Instagram fame to collaboration of businesses and how you can even make a living from Instagram.

Apart from following celebrities, seeing what your friends are having for dinner or a scouse girl’s selfie on a Saturday night, Instagram is a great social media platform for promoting all types of businesses with the dynamic visual content it offers. Product-based companies could display their wide range of items through photographs and short video clips. Service-based companies could produce demo videos to enhance their services with a little creativity in presentation.

Agent showcases characters and personalities (mainly our head of security-Leo) on Instagram. We also show what goes on behind the scenes in our working environment.

Instagram offers a platform with its unique ability to highlight visual content (and all marketers know that visual content is king). For instance my recent trip to Thailand was inspired by Instagram, which is why it’s always a great place to promote and advertise.

Instagram, it’s probably one of the best ways to showcase yourself, your interests and talents. It’s a documentation of your life!  Bloggers and agencies build their brand identity and reach customers through Instagram.

On the 2nd February New York City’s biggest museums swapped one another’s collections on their Instagram accounts. For 24 hours, each institution posted images taken at a partner museum, to draw parallels between the two institutions’ themes and exhibitions.

The idea came from a similar project that happened August 2015 in London when ten museums traded accounts as a way to digitally swap collections and find common themes in their work. Do you think this could work for other types of businesses?

A local Liverpool man has been taking the Instagram world and the news world by storm after posting images of him all around the world tasting pizza. Phil has gained 15,000 followers on Instagram for his uploads of pizza in different settings. Despite traveling to 30 countries his favourite is still Costco pizza’s.

Instagram has allowed people on a global scale to actually start a business. One artist in Toronto Chris Austin quit his job and started selling his paintings all around the world to his Instagram following.

His 8,000 Instagram followers patiently wait each day for Austin to post a photo of his artwork and declare it “for sale.” Within minutes followers start emailing him. Whoever emails him first gets the piece. Through Instagram he has a first solo artist exhibition coming up in Chicago.

Instagram continues to grow every single day, along with my obsession- it now has an impressive 400 million active users!

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