The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has shown us that the UK’s haulage industry is doing a magnificent job, not just in times of hardship, but every single day of the year.

Our reliance on truckers for supplying food, medicines and the all-important personal protective equipment (PPE) helped to raise the profile of an industry which is sometimes overlooked.

Earlier this year, we launched a campaign with the Road Haulage Association, the representative body for the operators of commercial vehicles, to ensure that the logistics industry’s workforce was recognised and celebrated for all their hard work.

The HGV Heroes campaign was designed to recognise one of the most important industries in the UK. With 98% of all goods consumed in the UK moved by truck, logistics is essential for businesses, deliveries and everything that we rely on in our day-to-day lives.

This campaign brought together Agent’s four teams, strategy, creative, digital and campaigns to deliver a high impact, national, multichannel campaign which encouraged the public to nominate individuals and teams who they considered to be worthy recipients of the HGV Heroes accolade. Utilising social media, digital advertising and national and local PR, this campaign inspired a nation to support their HGV Heroes.

Across the six-week campaign, HGV Heroes achieved:

  • Over 2.4 million impressions across all social media platforms, an increase of over 100%
  • 93.4k engagements across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • 13k link clicks, 22k video views and over 200 new followers
  • Over 29k visitors to the website and over 67k unique page views

HGV Heroes presented the public with the opportunity to highlight some of the fantastic work that road hauliers have been doing in order to keep our country going during challenging times.