I am now into my second month as a fully-fledged member of the Agent Marketing communications team, but my journey to this point has been an interesting one.

I was first acquainted with Agent back in October 2015, when I was lucky enough to get a place on Agent Academy as part of their third cohort of budding marketers in the making. Before my foray into the Academy, I graduated University in July 2015 with a BA (Hons) Fashion Brand Management degree, so had always had a love for all things brand and marketing.

After three years of hard graft, and throwing myself head first into a variety of job roles – from social media and interning to leading stadium tours of a certain well-known local football club that wear red – I found myself at a loose end. As much as I had pushed myself to achieve throughout University (being shortlisted at Graduate Fashion Week was a massive highlight), I just did not connect with the corporate hard sell that dominates a lot of the industry. What can I say: I was looking for something a bit different that allowed me to be, well…me?

Cue, Agent Academy – Agent Marketing’s sister social enterprise. It’s a three-month intensive program for young people like myself, who may have all the qualifications, but just need that extra bit of experience. I absolutely loved my time on the Academy! I got to liaise with business leaders and build contacts, all whilst relishing a continuous marketing education. Basically, we got our faces out there, gained confidence and had the rare opportunity to actually acquire hands-on experience without sacrificing our ‘personal brand’.

January 2016 was then the Academy graduation. It was a proud day to complete my time at the Academy, and I really did take every opportunity that was thrown at me. From there, I began to juggle my many jobs with community engagement work via Agent Marketing. This allowed me to collect primary research for clients, whilst doing what I love best: talking.

I worked within this community-based role for three months, before I was given the unexpected opportunity to step further on the career ladder. I can now actually say I am a full-time, permanent member of the Agent Marketing team! Working as Campaigns Executive within the communications department, I will be at the heart of campaign development, but also still have the chance to get out there and engage with clients and stakeholders.

It is still extremely surreal to start as a member of Agent Academy, and now be a real-life part of Agent Marketing. I cannot wait to see what the future has to hold, and am extremely grateful for not just the opportunity but the continued belief in me from Paul and all the team.

Agent HQ is a very unique environment, where no day is the same. It really suits my personality, as I flourish in unconventional settings that still hold a strong work ethic. Whether it’s partaking in weekly yoga sessions, monthly massages or general camaraderie discussing the latest episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race – every day is motivating, and each day I really look forward to coming into work.

I’m learning more and more every day, and thriving in a place where I feel valued, looked after, and – more importantly than anything – gives me the space to be who I am. For this, I am grateful. Here’s to a bright future as an honorary Agent!


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