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I bet you don’t know of many offices that have yoga every Thursday morning, monthly massages and meditation incorporated into the working day?

We have had a fantastic year of benefits here at Agent. Thanks to Yin Yan Yoga we start our Thursday morning off with a downward dog – even Leo our model yogi can join in. It is a brilliant way to help us de-stress, relax and prepare for another day of producing great work.

Employees that are relaxed and productive are vital to a thriving workplace like Agent. We’ve been doing Yoga since February and now feel experienced enough to show you our moves in action!

Our monthly massage provides another opportunity to wind down once a month. It brings a feel of serenity to our usually bustling office!

There are a range of well-known benefits that come from massages – it reduces stress, improves quality of sleep and increases energy and mental clarity. All of these benefits help us to produce great work that delights our clients.

During the summer months, Mind-Fit exposed us to the new and exciting world of mindfulness meditation. It has helped us to transform the way that we work – something we have been looking into over the past few months. The aim of meditating is to provide us with the opportunity to clear our minds and come back to our desks rejuvenated in the afternoon – a time when productivity usually dips.

During these sessions we learnt simple, practical techniques to support wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace. The sessions were informal, combined theory with practical exercises and enabled us to go away and practice ourselves.

We now regularly meditate, taking 10 to 20 minutes out of our working day to practice. It’s incredibly refreshing and improves performance, mood and productivity.

Through each of these corporate health and wellbeing activities, we were accredited by Health@Work after completing our workplace wellbeing charter! The Charter provides employers with an easy and clear guide on how to make workplaces a supportive and productive environment, in which employees can flourish. This clearly demonstrates Agent’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of it’s employees.

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