Five things I didn’t know about mental health

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‘Sometimes juggle multiple responsibilities is not as easy as it looks.

Mental health; something that we all think about but hardly ever talk about. Being more aware of mental health, especially in the workplace, is something that we should all be bringing into our daily routines.

At Agent, we know that taking a break in our day is good for reducing stress and this is something we encourage, but with one in four people visiting their GP with stress related illness, what more can we do to facilitate well-being?

We were paid a visit from Kevin at Health@Work, who came into Agent HQ to provide mental health awareness training. This is what we learned:

  1. We don’t we talk about it

As far as British culture goes, we can’t talk to the person sitting next to us on the bus let alone talking about mental health. So how can we create a dialogue that encourages more understanding? There is no shame in struggling with mental health. It’s common to have a certain preconception about mental health, like any medical issue with the right support and understanding anything can be managed or overcome. You wouldn’t think of someone with a physical disability as being less capable as the next so why would think any different about someone struggling with mental health?

  1. Everyone deals with mental health

A lot of the stigma that surrounds mental health is the belief that mental health is the same as mental illness. Mental health is something that everyone deals with on a day to day basis and can vary depending on the situation. Kevin made us aware that mental illness is a product of poor mental health. If people were able to understand this, it may open them up to talking about the issue before it turns into a mental illness.

  1. We aren’t all the same

All personality types are different and react to pressure in different ways. Being more aware of the way your brain works helps you deal with pressure in the right way. The AB personality test revealed a more insightful look into how our brains work and what that means for our mental health. We discovered that people who identify with personality A are more susceptible to stress and people who identify with personality B are more relaxed and less prone to stress.

  1. How do you cope?

We all have our own ways of coping with our problems, most enjoy winding with a dink now and again, but is it the drinking we enjoy or the socialising? Kevin helped us recognise our coping mechanisms and evaluate their efficiency by weighing up enjoyment verses achievement. Activities like drinking with friends may be enjoyable at the time however, we definitely don’t feel a sense of achievement when we wake up the next day.

  1. Pressure isn’t stress

Throughout the training, we learned that pressure is something we can thrive under, and it can allow us to push ourselves to achieve our full potential. In order to perform our best, we need to be aware of when pressure becomes stress, which could be detrimental to our health. Being aware of your own limits and having effective coping strategies in place  is a huge step forward for a productive work environment and a healthier life style.

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