Five Reasons I Decided to Work at Agent

Making a decision about your career can sometimes be a scary task – you have to think carefully about the direction you want to go in life, and where you think you want to be in the next few years. For me, working somewhere where I know the values of the organisation aligns perfectly with my own is incredibly important, so when the advert for campaigns consultant role at Agent came up – I just had to apply.

When people asked me why I wanted to work at Agent, many answers came to mind, but here’s a select few…

1. The clients

Agent has worked with some really spectacular clients, and have put together some amazing campaigns. The Better by Bus campaign, which includes a fantastic website, an interactive game and a hilarious advert demonstrates Agent’s ability to create a multi-disciplinary campaign, which is integrated across a number of platforms and shows off the incredible work of everyone in the team.

Another great client is the Health Equalities Group, who Agent worked with on Give Up Loving Pop (GULP). This campaign was all about encouraging people to ditch the fizzy drinks for a healthier alternative, and I really love the visually stunning campaign Agent created which featured this fantastic animation. Having previously worked in healthcare marketing, this unique approach to changing people’s behaviour really stuck with me, and I can’t wait to hopefully get stuck into a similar campaign

2. The team

The Agent team are a really spectacular group of people, whose knowledge and creative energy shine through in every campaign Agent produces. When you’re working with award winners and selfie lovers, there’s no competition really!

Having a great team makes such a difference when you’re juggling multiple deadlines and responsibilities, and at Agent I feel like I’m part of one big happy family.

3. The office

This really needs no explanation – Agent HQ isn’t only a fantastic office where the team can get lots of work done, it’s also an inspiring creative space, with lots of room to brainstorm ideas, meet with clients and bring whatever is on the whiteboards from initial concept to full campaign.

Agent HQ is a great demonstration of how Agent understands and loves campaigns and marketing, and how the small details mean just as much as the big ones. It’s a pleasure to walk into the office every morning!

4. The perks

We all love a yoga session, meditation and a relaxing massage, but at Agent you get that on the regular due to the Agent Wellbeing programme. Throw in some flexible working on top, and I’m sold!

These aren’t just added extras however – it’s an important part of working at Agent, where your happiness and mental wellbeing are taken into consideration, because happy staff are better at their job.

5. Leo!

Who could say no to that gorgeous face? While having a dog roaming around the office may be unconventional for some, Leo does an incredibly important job at Agent as head of security, and of course is always available for chats and cuddles when needed. He’s also pitched in many times with campaign work, and I have found that he’s great for proof reading emails and casting his eye over blog posts (like this one – he loves it!).

So there we have it – five reasons why I felt Agent was the right place for me. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in, and if you ever want to talk campaigns, drop me a line some time!

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