Don’t give up… give instead

It’s January, the month of moderation, restraint and abstinence but while the majority focus on giving up we say why not give instead?

A very direct road to personal happiness is to help others. Altruistic actions creates a feel-good chain reaction not least experienced by the person doing the giving. Taking time out to give something and help another will have more benefits than you could imagine. Have a look at my earlier blog for the scientific proof.

We thought we’d start the trend of giving by sharing with you our list of inspirational ideas to lift those January blues:

  1. Help out at a local homeless charity.  In Liverpool the Whitechapel Centre offers volunteers lots of opportunities to get involved.
  2. Be an Agent Academy contributor.  If you’re a leader you could share your experience and wisdom with our Agent Academy young people, it’s much appreciated and unbelievably rewarding. Just get in touch.
  3. Become a shared reading group volunteer.  You could assist and facilitate reading groups for older people in various locations throughout the country with The Reader Organisation.
  4. Even your dog or cat can benefit from volunteering with you.  As a Pets as Therapy volunteer you get to take your dog or cat on arranged visits to people who are feeling isolated and would benefit from spending time with a loving pet.
  5. Be a ‘Newborn Knitter’ Take some time to make premature baby clothing for the Premature Baby Campaign by Black Sheep Wools. All the garments donated will be sold at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to raise funds for The Newborn Appeal that funds the specialist equipment on the Neonatal unit at the hospital.
  6. Be there for the older generation.  There are so many ways that you can dedicate some time and help improve an older person’s life.  Find UK wide opportunities here.
  7. Support for young people who are struggling is a much needed resource. There are many ways to get involved with helping young people with the Princes Trust throughout the UK.
  8. If you are really stuck for time then try Micro-Volunteering.  These are actions you can take from the comfort of your own living room, sometimes dedicating less than 30 minutes to a good cause. Check out Help from Home.
  9. Or you might want to get involved in something really life changing? How about helping kids escape poverty in Africa through education, take a look at grassroots charity Memusi Foundation.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to be kind to yourself this January. 2016 is set to be a brilliant year, be prepared!
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