Usually around this time of year we’re accustomed to preparing for that last intensive sprint of signing off work and making sure clients have what they need before our Christmas break – driven by the thought of cracking that first bottle of the ever-infamous office party. However, it goes without saying that things are going to be more than a little different for everyone this year for obvious reasons I think we’re all tired of regurgitating. And this is going to impact some a lot more than others.

For most of you reading this blog, this is usually a time to blow off steam and celebrate with friends, family and the close ones. But for many others this feeling is lost amongst the immense amount of financial pressure this time of year brings with it. With an average of £3.5billion of debt being racked up across the UK it can be a struggle, and extortionate APR rates and deceptive payment plans mean that this all comes with higher premium for having a lower income.

‘It’s the thought that counts’, is a saying starts to emerge around this time of year, but not when this thought is attached to a price tag. Gift giving is a form of storytelling, a way to pass on knowledge and show appreciation for our recipients. Books are a testament to that, as timeless medium that provide value long after the gift is given. This is something that we might see as a relatively inexpensive option when it comes to selecting presents, but for others it can be the difference between a sitting around the table for a Christmas dinner or not.

In recent years, we’ve donated food parcels, toys & presents for children and young people as well as helping out with a range of fundraising and hands-on volunteering activities. This year, we’ve launched our festive-giving campaign ‘All you read is love’… where we’ll be buying books in our client and partner’s name, with a personal message of why the book was chosen and gifting them to children and young people based here in the northwest.

We’ll be purchasing the books from independent booksellers, as a thank you for our client’s ongoing support for Agent over the year.  To get the books out there, we’ve identified a number of regional children’s charities and community youth groups who will help us getting our chosen stories out to those young people who’ll need them most.

We’d love for you to join us by purchasing from one of our independent bookstores across the North West or wherever you’re situated. You can send it to us, at the address below with a note of why you chose the book or simply gift the book yourself to supports the small businesses in a time of need and gift a book to someone who needs it most. It’s time we got #BookedUpThisChristmas with #AgentReads.

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