Chill Out Guys…

Is it so strange to prefer cold weather to hot weather? Some people prefer Coke to Pepsi, others think Apple is superior to Windows and some people even think Gary is better than Robbie (but we won’t go into that).

So why must I and hundreds of other chill-seekers be branded as “Old Man Winter” or an “Ice Queen” because of our love of the latter-half of the year?

For me, my love of teeth-chattering, nail-biting weather stems from my appreciation for menswear. Let’s face it guys – we all look a lot more stylish in well-fitted clothing and taking your shirt off at a family occasion ceased to be acceptable when you were in your teens, unless of course you’re an drunken Uncle (*sigh*).

Embracing the cold-weather is a gateway to celebrating a seasonal wardrobe; knits, polo-necks, jackets, coats and layers are at your disposal and can instantly project sophistication and style, unlike that washed-out polo shirt you insist on reviving every July.

Let’s take inspiration from our friends in the cold, cold North…

Scandinavian brands are popping up all over the catwalk and their reputation is almost synonymous with colder weather. Norse Projects claim to ‘Improve Life for all Conditions’ and fuse together practical work-wear with the finest street fashions. Their range of Anton shirts arguably mirror the physique of the Danish population (Norse Projects originates from Denmark) slim, thin and bloody handsome. When fashions are this aesthetically beautiful and practical, what’s not to love?

So, call me Jack Frost, Ice-Man or Mr. Freeze. I’m happy with my winter wardrobe, and you should celebrate yours too. Let’s face it, there’s nothing gentlemanly about a pair of shorts – especially when you’ve used the pockets to help carry an especially big round from the bar.

Autumn/Winter is gradually shaking off its association with ill-fitting jumpers and sashaying with a new fitted seasonal trend, get on board and look fantastic this season.

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