So it’s been 76 days since I started here at Agent, and what an eventful 76 days it’s been. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve cheered and above all – I’ve been inspired. 2016 has been an unbelievable year for me, with moving house, getting a new job, getting engaged and the birth of my first child. Most of these things you only usually do once in a twelve-month period. I have somehow managed it all in ten months.

Coming to Agent from a role I loved at the City Council was a tough decision to make, but one I feel was the right one. Since being involved with the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, I’ve been obsessed with wanting to help Liverpool and the City Region in any way I can. Following the World Expo, I worked at the Liverpool in London base, showcasing the city and its opportunities to people in the capital. I quickly developed a newfound love and passion for my home city. As I worked in these roles I knew about the potential the city had, the developments on site, the partnerships being formed in and around the city and most of all, the interest in the city from outside.

I never thought that years later I would land a role in the top office of the City Council, getting involved in all sorts of things that exclaim “my city is amazing, come and be part of it”. Travelling to MIPIM in the South of France, mixing with Mayors, senior leaders and Chief Executives of other cities, Directors of major world-renowned companies such as PEEL, ARUP, Grosvenor, Deloitte and many more. I would be with the owners of some of the most recognisable brands in the Liverpool City Region, such as Signature Living, Redrow, Downing – hearing how the work they’re doing is defying the tough financial climate the UK is in. Making Liverpool stronger. I was having conversations with these people, promoting our great city alongside them, learning every step of the way, helping them help our city.

Leaving that role was tough, but I had heard about the work Agent have done, heard about Paul and the awards he has won and I was excited about my new challenge. What I didn’t know was – I would still be involved in helping the Liverpool City Region! On my first day, Paul sat me down and went through a couple of projects that were happening, about to start and ones still in the planning stages. I instantly thought about how I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


I didn’t realise how many other companies have the City Region’s economy at the forefront of their mind. Agent Academy for instance: this was set up as it became apparent there was a massive digital and creative skills shortage, even when they had finished college or university. The 12-week Academy course, developed by Agent Marketing’s very own specialists, provides people with the skills to get straight into a job. Graduates from the Academy have secured over £500k in salaries from employers. Creating jobs for people in and around the Liverpool City Region, helping our economy. More importantly, creating jobs for young people. The skills agenda is a high priority now for the City Region’s Combined Authority, and rightly so.

Agent has also really helped me get into shape. As you will probably know, a massive part of Agent life is health and wellbeing. With my role taking me out of the office to meet people all over the city, I have been inspired to get back into cycling. I love it again! From my very first week I have made the most of our fleet of bikes and began cycling all over the city – it’s helping me mentally, physically and of course, helping the world environmentally. This then spurred me on to get back to the gym and leave the car behind more. I am walking a lot and often using public transport, mainly buses, to get to and from meetings that are a bit too far to cycle to.


So it’s safe to say that I’m loving life as an Agent, and each week I go home looking forward to the next as there is always something exciting going on. We have just celebrated Agent’s 10th birthday… here’s to the next 10 years and many more beyond that!