“You know when something happens in the news and everyone is talking about it, it becomes trivial and annoying to see. However when HUMAN BEINGS are dying for a better & safer life, this will never be the case. We as the fortunate ones may never in our lifetimes go through these perils, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore the ones who have and will. I know how compassionate and caring we are, it has been seen when the ‘White Man March’ came to Liverpool and we gave them the humiliation of their lifetimes. We stood together and united as one to fight against the negatives. And now it’s time to do that again. If we were in this position, we would want someone to help us.”

That is something I put up on Facebook on the 3rd of September. 8 days have passed since then and the progression have been phenomenal. We have since then raised over £2000 for the British Red Cross, a figure that is now drawing closer to £3000. It’s been quite a humbling experience for me and the team to be a part of, and something I will never forget.

But this isn’t the end of it: in fact, it’s just the beginning. On Wednesday, the news broke of the ‘With Love from Liverpool’ refugee concert. To be honest I wasn’t surprised that the city had decided to do this, in fact it was almost expected. And that’s the great thing about this city, you expect it to act with such empathy and responsibility, and it delivers time and time again.

The event will be hosted by award-winning and local comedian, John Bishop and legendary Radio 2 presenter Janice Long.

Some of the acts that have already been announced are some of the most renowned Liverpool bands of all time:

  • The Farm
  • OMD
  • John Power
  • Mic Lowry
  • The Christians
  • The members of CAST, Space, The Icicle Works and Sense of Sound

Tickets are £25 which you can buy here – https://www.ticketing.accliverpool.com/echo/online/seatSelect.asp?BOset::WSmap::seatmap::performance_ids=352B671D-E83A-4D9F-AFBA-D130F6BFB9EE

Further artists are to be announced in the coming days, which is exciting news I’m sure.

The concert is taking place on the 19th of September but for more details follow the link to the web page below.


4th September, 2015.

Dear friends and colleagues of Agent,

I am writing to you this afternoon re. the growing refugee crisis we’re seeing across Europe. We’ve all seen the devastating images over the past few days, and have doubtlessly been deeply moved by the horror of the situation. These are not migrants flooding to Europe to seek a ‘better life’, these are refugees who are fleeing war-torn countries just to stay alive. As responsible businesses, EU citizens and human beings, it’s absolutely imperative that we do what we can to welcome them to our continent, country and city.

It is important to us all at Agent that we don’t just sit back and do nothing.

These people need our help and support, so we’ve set up our JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/agentactionforrefugeescampaign/ which has allowed us to reach out to not only our networks and friends, but the wider community. The response has been fantastic so far, and we’re blown away by how thick and fast the donations are coming in. Thank you to all of you who have been so kind and donated. The generosity has been overwhelming, however it’s important to keep going, as every donation helps.

We want to reach out to more people to ask them to show support and solidarity. Corporate social responsibility is becoming vacuous: we need corporate social action to really make a tangible difference.

We’ve been the Capital of Culture, now it’s time to become the Capital of Kindness and show the country – and indeed the world – all of the compassion, community and conscience that form the bedrock of our identity.

In addition to donations, we would like to hear about any practical initiatives or innovative ideas that could help ease the suffering of the thousands and thousands of people who are trying to fight for their lives. If you have any ideas about how we could do more by working together, please let me know so we can make an even bigger positive impact on the lives of those in need.

We really believe that we all have a responsibility to join forces to do what we can for our neighbours in extreme need, however big or small.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in anticipation for your support.

Paul signature


We’re thrilled to introduce Zoe Wallace, new head of Agent Academy CIC.

When it comes to motivating people and leading training programmes, Zoe is a seasoned pro. Zoe has previously worked as O2 Training and Development manager for the North West region, where her hard work earned her a National Field and Brand Marketing Award.

Paul Corcoran, managing director at Agent Marketing said:

“We’re delighted to have found the right person to manage Agent Academy CIC. After two extremely successful programmes, it’s a really exciting time for Agent Academy CIC as we are about to launch programme three.

Zoe already has some big ideas for Agent Academy CIC, and is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches to the upcoming programme which is due to start at the end of this month. We know that it’s going to be outstanding.”

Zoe Wallace, head of Agent Academy CIC said:

The second I heard about this role, I knew that it was perfect for me. This role provides me with the opportunity to work with young people and support them to fulfill their potential. It’s going to be a challenging and I’m really looking forward to it.

I can’t wait to meet all the new Agent Academy CIC students. We’re going to start interviewing the applicants soon, and I’m looking forward to starting programme three with a strong set of forward-thinking young people with fresh ideas and an appetite for success.

Agent Academy CIC has so much potential and I’ll do everything I can to connect local businesses to the marketing talent of the future. I am keen to empower the young people of Liverpool, opening up new dimensions to the programme and pushing it in interesting new directions.”

Zoe will work from Agent’s headquarters in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

If you are interested in taking part in the Agent Academy CIC as a young person, guest speaker or business, then get in touch with Zoe at zoe@agentacademy.org.uk.

Drum roll please….

We’d like to introduce you to our latest team member, Agent’s project support officer, Liam Lewis!

Liam joins Agent Marketing as an apprentice and will develop his skill-set with on-the-job training through a programme supported by Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Corcoran, managing director of Agent Marketing, said:

“Liam originally joined our team on a work placement programme, but we were blown away with the standard of work that he was producing for Agent’s three departments.

“We look forward to watching Liam’s talents develop over the coming months – he has a bright future ahead of him!”

As Agent’s youngest team member, Liam represents the introduction of fresh talent to the agency…he also reminds a few of us that we’re not 18 anymore.

Agent is delighted to announce the appointment of Jacob Bolton, who joins the agency as a public relations executive.

University of Liverpool graduate, Jacob, will be lending his skill-set to Agent’s Communications department, benefitting our copywriting, social media and public relations output.

Paul Corcoran, managing director of Agent Marketing, said:

“As a growing business, Jacob will play a key role in our expansion across the UK and enable Agent to super-service our growing client base.

“I’m delighted to introduce another new team member to our expanding agency. Jacob’s appointment will equip our team with new ways of thinking and new ways of delivering client satisfaction. I look forward to seeing him develop in the agency!”

Jacob will be working between Agent’s offices in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and London’s Hoxton.



Agent Marketing is pleased to announce the appointment of a videographer to the growing, full-service agency.

James Harper, previously of Marie Curie, has joined Agent to develop the agency’s digital media and audio visual offering. James will be working between the agency’s offices in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and London’s Hoxton.

Managing director of Agent Marketing, Paul Corcoran, said:

 “This year has already proved to be a very exciting time for our agency and the appointment of James will see Agent’s digital output blossom.

“James reflects the continued growth of our agency and his specialism in videography will benefit Agent’s arsenal of skills.

“As a growing business, James will play a key role in our expansion across the rest of the UK by bringing an added dimension to Agent Marketing.”

James said:

“I’ve been impressed by Agent’s strong and varied client portfolio and I’m excited to be working across the private, public and third sectors. I’ll soon be introduced to a series of new challenges and I’m looking forward to working with my team!

“Agent will provide me with the foundations and training to further my career and I’m delighted to be bringing added-value to a company that I’ve admired.”


“Come with me if you want to live…” – the line made famous by a cyborg sent from the future in James (Courtne… sorry) Cameron’s Terminator movies may feel rather dated, albeit iconic, to some of us. However, in a world that celebrates the rise of wearable technology, I ask – are we being terminated by machines, or is this the beginning of our salvation?


Some 20 years ago, the notion of a bionic eye capable of analysing the host’s environment seemed like a thing dreamed up by a dystopian science-fiction author. Although, in present-day, wearable technology, such as Google Glass are quite literally changing the way we see things…


Visual enhancements that allow users to ‘never miss a moment’ are set to alter the way individuals interact with their surroundings, real-time and each other. Providing its wearer with a metaphorical hotline directly into search engines, people can ask the affectionately named, Glass, “How much is a beer in Croatia?”, “Which SATC girl am I?”, “what was the question to 42”, or, well… pretty much anything, actually.


Of course, the uses of these pieces of hardware, eclipse Buzzfeed quizzes and viral videos, the visual gadgets have the potential to streamline overseas business exchanges, providing users with a tool to break through difficult language barriers. The hardware also encourages its users to ‘live lighter’, by eliminating the requirement of a smart phone, and therefore erasing the presence of MP3 players, cameras and web browsers upon our person.


Sounds great? Yeah, well, OK. Mostly…


Surely, the influence of wearable tech in our lives perhaps turns the user into more of a passive ‘host’, if you will, powerless to the overbearing influence of technology. Choice, freedom and decision are characteristics of being human, will technology not replace these values with suggestion, ‘things you might like’ and ‘did you mean’ activity?


Sometimes, we take for granted the beauty of simply turning our phones off, logging out or shutting down. Do we require a platonic relationship with our gadgets, or should we be really meeting our partners or friends and getting ‘to the bones’ of what makes us human?


Maybe the future of wearable technology will provide a ‘wake-up call’ for humanity with the rise of the machines, or perhaps it will provide a clearer perspective on the world.


Either way, the developments being made today are certainly paving the way for a more integrated, better connected and more intelligent way of performing everyday tasks – to what extent the way in which we perform these tasks is based on choice, rather than influence is something no one can yet answer (not even Google).


We’ve all heard that three is the magic number, but nine’s pretty great too, right? We’ve been dressed to the nines, we’ve checked in at Cloud Nine plenty of times, and of course, Agent HQ is home to one very excitable ‘K-9’. Yes, we think nine is full of opportunity, and if you haven’t guessed/spotted on social media, Agent Marketing celebrates its ninth birthday this week!

We decided to take a trip down Memory Lane on Monday and celebrate our ninth year in style…by quite literally hosting a ‘9th Birthday Party’. Our Agents cast their minds back to their younger days (further back for some team members) and pieced together a birthday buffet so good, ‘tweens across the country reportedly threw temper tantrums.

On Monday we reminisced, laughed and took a voyage into the archives of Agent Marketing (mostly to spot some choice fashion picks and some jaw-dropping hairstyles) before sharing our own best-bits. We each had a personal triumph or side-splitting moment to celebrate, but unanimously it was agreed that people make Agent Marketing; clients, staff, friends and visitors – they’re all quite literally ‘at the heart of it’.

It’s been a fantastic journey so far. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet, and work with some incredible individuals and organisations. Our logo has seen a handful of transformations and we’re now in our fifth office (Agent Marketing has been in its lovely Baltic Triangle home for three years now).

We’ve also seen national expansion with an office in Hoxton, London, joining the Agent family in 2012 and of course, the arrival of Agent Academy CIC in 2014. Since launching our academy, we’ve be lucky enough to see the programme’s graduates step into roles at some of Liverpool’s respected businesses!

Here’s to another nine years, folks. We’ve come a long way since our inception and we couldn’t have done it without you (yes, you – each and every one of you!)

The best is yet to come…



If ever there was a reason for having a website under construction for a sustained period of time (which we have had), I would be it. Yes, it has all been my fault. I apologise.

Over the past year my three teams have worked exceptionally hard designing, constructing, writing copy for and building our new sites. Yes, we have had two new sites completed over the last year – both of which have sadly never graced the online arena.

I kept changing my mind. I kept changing the brief. I think the team actually wanted to change me in the end. I don’t blame them, can you?

I wanted a human website; one which tells a story, is truthful and which brings to life Agent Marketing, our work and our exceptional people; team, clients, partners and Academy students alike. I can now say that we have that website. One which, I know, narrates the behaviours, energy, talent and character that our ever-growing agency exudes in bucket loads.

So, for all of you who have asked where our website is, I am proud to say IT IS FINALLY HERE. And more to the point, this indecisive MD loves it.

Thank you to my brilliant, talented and committed team for sticking with me and making it happen – third time lucky as you say.  I owe you a drink (or three).

Hello World Wide Web, it’s good to be back, we’ve missed you.


Managing director, Agent Marketing.

Here at Agent, we love food. It’s that simple. Cooking it, eating it, talking about it. So imagine our delight when our good friends at Can Cook invited us to run their ‘Share Your Lunch’ truck for a day. I won’t lie to you, there were a few battles over who was going to do it. In the end it was settled over an ever reliable (and mature) game of rock, paper, scissors, just in case you were wondering.

Reveling and gloating in our victory, James, Sarah and I donned our aprons and ventured from Agent HQ over to St Paul’s Square in the Commercial District to take our place on the ‘Share Your Lunch’ truck.

‘Share Your Lunch’ is the first campaign of its kind in the UK, where for every lunch you buy for yourself another would be donated to someone living in food poverty in Liverpool. Great idea right? We thought so too. Being a values-led organisation, Share Your Lunch is right up our street. With 60,000 people (20,000 are children) living in food poverty within the region we knew this was a campaign we would love to get into the mix with!

[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”60″][image_with_animation image_url=”1696″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self”][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”60″]

Can Cook set us a target of selling 80 meals in two and a half hours, but could we do it? You bet we could, they don’t call us Agent for nothing, you know! We chopped, we prepped, we chatted and we sold a total of 95 meals. Yes, we were pretty chuffed with ourselves as not only did we exceed our target but most importantly those 95 lunches we sold will provide 95 meals to families living in food poverty.

This isn’t the first initiative that we have got involved with and it certainly won’t be the last. Now imagine if every lunchtime bite had the same impact on others less fortunate – now that certainly is food for thought…