We’re extremely proud to announce that we are supporting Merseyside PPE Hub’s ‘Lap for Lives’ event, taking place on 21st May 2020, helping to raise funds to protect our key workers.
Merseyside PPE Hub is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free personal protective equipment (PPE) to anyone who does not feel safe in their day to day job or walk of life.

The Hub was set up due to the lack of response to providing much-needed PPE for frontline health and social care workers as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. This has encouraged different organisations and individuals who share the same goals and values to come together to provide PPE to those who need it most.

Their latest fundraiser event, ‘Lap for Lives’ will feature local celebrities, ex-football stars, volunteers and high-profile journalists who will be embarking on a 66-mile relay race from distance of the hub to the Etihad stadium and back again, all within 12 hours.

The aim of the race is to raise more money to manufacture PPE and scrubs, which will help better protect our NHS heroes, other key workers and the general public.

Agent’s CEO, Paul Corcoran, said:

“We’re incredibly passionate about supporting and getting involved with organisations that are creating positive change, so are delighted to be supporting this well-deserving cause. It’s so important that we are all doing our bit to support those who need it most during these difficult times and this is our way of saying thank you to those who really are going above and beyond to save lives.”

We’d like to thank all of the key workers and NHS heroes for everything they have been doing so far so keep us safe and keep us going. You’re all brilliant.

We would also like to thank Merseyside Hub PPE for coming together and doing something truly special which will benefit thousands of people across Merseyside.

If you would like to get involved and help support this brilliant cause, you can find out more information, here: http://www.merseysideppehub.co.uk