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With a large team, collaboration and co-creation are key to everything that we do. Staying connected with each other and being aware of the work others are doing is vitally important, as work inspired by the ideas of 25 minds, is often stronger than that which is done by one individual.

As we all adapt to the challenges of distributed working, this is especially true. it’s important to ensure that we all stay aware of what is going on across the business. Particularly as many of our client projects rely on a number of different Agents, working simultaneously on different elements of the same project.

This year, we have introduced a series of new internal initiatives, to ensure that everyone in the team has the chance to both share the great work that they’re doing, but also has the opportunity to share knowledge, insights and ideas.

Briefings at Breakfast.

One of the initiatives we’ve added to the Agent diary is Briefings at Breakfast, otherwise known as BABs. This is a fortnightly, 10-minute presentation or talk given by one of the team, on whichever topic they choose (usually whilst the rest of the team are having a Danish).

The topics can be directly related to their discipline or just something that they find interesting or are passionate about. The aim of this is to make sure that as a business, we are sharing our knowledge with those we work with. This is hardly a new idea of course…cough…TED. But, it’s invaluable experience for the Agent presenting and a good opportunity to share the vast array of knowledge and interests that we have across the team. The hope is that some of these talks help spark ideas that can improve or inform our work in the future.

Also, it not often that you’re required to stand in front of 25 of your peers to tell them a story or to teach them something new. For some people this would be the most daunting thing you could ask them to do. But a big part of our work is helping our clients to tell their stories and to do so in a way that captures the imagination, so it’s great practice.

If you were asked to give a guest talk for 10 minutes to a crowded room on something that fascinated you, what topic would you pick?

Choosing a topic to talk about can also be tricky. We all have interests and things we find fascinating, but how many of these could we talk coherently about for 10 minutes? If you were asked to give a guest talk, what topic would you pick?

There are only three rules for the talks;

  • 10 minutes (maximum)
  • Slides must be images only
  • You can’t present work that you’ve done

These rules were put in place so that for those who would find this task easy it’s a bit tougher, and those who find it tough it becomes a little easier.

Following each talk, our presenters will be writing a blog that summaries their presentation and has some key takeaways that we will share here on our website. So, look out for them and if you want to know more or are interested in a particular talk, get in touch and we’d be happy to share more.

At Agent we’re all still very much working hard to maintain business as usual, via our virtual HQs. For now, our BABs have also shifted online. Staying connected and communicating constantly across the whole team is more important now than ever. Ensuring that we are doing so both for work purposes, but just as importantly, socially as a team is fundamental to how we work.

We look forward to sharing our BABs insights with you!

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