Following the latest updates relating to Covid-19, we find ourselves in uncharted territory for the first time in our history. In the interest of safeguarding our team and our clients, we have taken Government guidance and are working remotely from home.

Our usual home at Agent HQ will be temporarily closed, but we are very much open for business and will be contactable via email and telephone as normal. Our contact details remain unchanged, as will our working hours.

All of this means that we now have multiple HQ’s! Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some top tips from each of our team members on our social media and also in these blogs.

Below are the first of our team members to share their working environments and a few words of wisdom for keeping productive at home.


Paul Corcoran – CEO

Our CEO, Paul, says:

My focus is ensuring our team continues to connect & collaborate with our clients; Microsoft Teams has been the perfect tool and the video calling makes for a welcomed laugh together!

Harriet Holbrook – senior communications consultant

On working from home, our senior communications consultant, Harriet, says:

I work best by sticking to a routine and setting out my priorities first thing, making it my aim to get through the day’s to-do list so that I can have a clear beginning and end to the working day.


Sarah Pates – senior project manager

Reporting from home, our senior project manager, Sarah says:

As a project manager, online project management tools are playing such an important role for working in virtual Agent HQ! Our internal system, Asana allows us to plan, track, delegate work and manage team capacity

Zoe Wallace – Agent academy director

Discussing working remotely, our Agent Academy director, Zoe, says:

Stay super connected to your team. Start your day together with a team video call to set your daily objectives. Having shared goals is important for a focused day!


Michael Cottage – senior creative consultant

Some insight on working remotely from our senior creative consultant, Michael:

To make sure I maintain my levels of creativity and stay focused, I drink lots of coffee and listen to loads of music (no listening to the news…!)

Jeanette Gill – campaigns director

On working from home, our campaigns director, Jeanette, says:

Make sure you take regular breaks and keep in touch with your team and clients – sometimes a simple message or phone call can make the difference to your day and ensure you feel connected.


We hope you have enjoyed reading through some of our top tips. The biggest advice we can offer to everyone during this trying time is to stay safe. Follow the Government guidance and protect yourself and your loved ones.

We’ll be sharing more of our working and environments and top tips in part two of “Our New HQ’s” blog next week. Keep your eyes peeled!