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Picture the scene: it’s early October 2015 and 11 young marketing enthusiasts with high expectations begin a bespoke marketing programme for the next 12 weeks. Then, fast forward to the 28th of January and their own graduation, where famous Liverpool business leaders showed up to Agent HQ to show their tremendous support.

It was a rollercoaster twelve weeks and we’re lucky to have had all the opportunities that were given to us: from going out on various locations and meeting fantastic speakers, to working in Agent HQ, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. Between week 1 and week 12, there was a lot of passionate work that each and every one of the cohort took part in, and in the end we came up with a final project that was received really well by both the public and our programme sponsor, One Ark.

We spent a lot of time planning our graduation to make sure everything went smoothly, all under the leadership of the brilliant Zoe Wallace, head of Agent Academy CIC. After a busy week of planning and a busy day of preparing, we were finally ready to open our doors.

The turnout was spectacular. Local business leaders such as Carl Wood, MD of Trinity Mirror North West, Health Canada Pharmacy, Andrew Cornish, Chief executive of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Frances Molloy, Chief executive of Health@Work, all turned up to see the work that had been produced and show their support. This was a fantastic opportunity for the cohort, not just for networking, but also to understand just how seriously Liverpool business leaders take their social responsibility and their ongoing efforts to give back to the community.

Andrew Cornish, Frances Molloy, Paul Corcoran and Carl Wood 

Not only did we have some fantastic guests, but also some brilliant speakers. Kerry Cullen, manager of One Ark – the programme’s sponsor – gave an inspiring talk about the work we had been doing together to tackle youth unemployment. Zoe also stood up and addressed the crowd on how proud of us she was, and how she intended to keep pushing forward with Agent Academy and expanding it. Me and other members of the cohort also spoke about how we had found Agent Academy, how we had changed over the past twelve weeks and how grateful we were for all the business leaders and experts who had taken the time to give us expert guidance.

For us, the highlight had to be reporting back our findings back to the guests, giving them a real insight in to what we accomplished in the 12 weeks. Laura and Will took on the job of doing this, and did with gusto, with everyone in the audience captivated by what we had produced.

But now that the end has come for the 3rd cohort, it leaves the door open for the 4th cohort to start where the former left off. All we know is whoever gets selected for the 4th programme are a lucky bunch of people, whose lives will change for the better indefinitely. And remember applications are open!

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