Agent Academy: A Case for Kindness

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Agent Academy: A Case for Kindness

After almost one month at Agent Academy CIC I wanted to take some time to reflect.  I’ve enjoyed every second of working in my new job; it’s interesting, challenging and fun but most of all I am becoming more and more aware each day of the value we are creating.

Already Agent Academy has offered a group of young people who were feeling confused about their future the opportunity to refocus, reenergise, upskill, connect and confidently start their careers.  We have big plans to go even further; quadrupling our impact in 2016.

Agent Academy can’t do this alone; we need experts, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors and influencers to teach and inspire our students.  We are pleased to say we already know lots of these generous people – thank you, thank you, you know who you are! However, the reasons for taking time out for strangers might not be obvious to everyone.

So, for anyone who is undecided I wanted to share some thoughts on why doing the right thing is also doing the best thing.

Here’s my case for kindness – top 10 reasons for altruistic actions. 

  1. ‘Helpers High’ is a term used for the after effects of helping someone – psychologists first discovered it in 1979 when a survey showed care givers were happier! Hurray!
  1. Helping others who need it can make you realise how fortunate you are. Gratitude is the attitude for a happy life!
  1. When we do-good our brains produce the dopamine chemical; this makes us feel good and do more good; win, win.
  1. It’s great for society – when you do something for another person it activates the same tendency in them creating a chain reaction.
  1. Love is the drug! We feel good on a chemical level when we perform an act of kindness thanks to the production of endogenous opioids; our bodies natural versions of morphine and heroin!
  1. It’s in our best interests that everyone does well – as more people connect our communities become happier and better places to live.
  1. Let’s get physical! When you have a face to face encounter in which you do something for another the body produces Oxytocin, the bonding hormone, the side effects of this is reduced blood pressure and feeling relaxed.
  1. By raising capable people we get a more vibrant economy – you are contributing to the future and you will reap the rewards.
  1. It gets on your nerves – in a good way. The vagus nerve controls inflammation in your body and keeps your cardiovascular system healthy; studies show that people who practice compassion have a more active vagus nerve. That can only be a good thing right?
  1. You can tell all your mates – they might buy you a drink for being a good egg!

If you have something to give and want to get involved email

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.’ J.M. Barrie (1860-1937)



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